Publicly Available Data Sources for Machine Learning Beginners

Mostly the beginner who just started with machine learning waste lot of time and effort for searching the best publicly available datasets for machine learning projects. To help them out and save their effort and time, we have written this article which include few popular data sources links from where you can easily download datasets for your future projects.

UCI Machine Learning Repository

UCI is considered one of the oldest sources for machine learning datasets, and a great 1st stop when searching for interesting datasets for your project. Although the datasets are user-contributed and thus have varying level of cleanliness, the majority of datasets are clean. You can easily download datasets directly from UCI repository, without registration process.


Kaggle is one of the most amazing dataset locations for machine learning peoples. This community contain a huge amount of real-life dataset of all shapes and sizes and in many different formats. Here, you can create and donate your own datasets with data science community. you can also see Kernels associated with each dataset where many data scientist have provided notebooks to analyze the dataset. if you are a beginner and get totally unknown domain and dataset for learning. Therefore, It is going to be a big challenge. In kaggle you will get such data set on which you have already prior information.